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For Julien, Fanfan was an evidence. He has always had a great admiration for Asia, for its landscapes, culture, cuisines. "I must have been born Asian in a previous life”. “I cannot explain where this appeal for Asia comes from but it has been in me since I am a kid”.


His travels are piling up. Thailand, Bali, Cambodia – where his wife is from -- Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea are among the countries that Julien escapes to during his free time. He loves discovering new spices, local products, different ways to cook and season food ... Each time, he comes back with many ideas of recipes, combinations of unusual tastes that will later inspire his plates.

When the opportunity to work at Fanfan came up, Julien did not think for too long. He jumped into the new adventure. There was no doubt for him - Fanfan would be the place where he would develop as an individual and grab the unique opportunity to express his creativity.

The restaurant proposes a brand-new tasting experience -- a Franco-Asian gastronomy. At Fanfan, guests can discover the alliance of wild French asparagus with Thai red curry. They can also enjoy the association of Tonka beans from Amazonia to Li Chu Vietnamese chocolate, as well as basil Thai and an amazing French crispy potato dish.


With one dessert, Fanfan manages to make us travel in four different countries. All these flavours blend in harmony. Culinary discoveries are not the only one surprises at Fanfan. The plates are real works of art. They are beautiful and astonishing.