The French gourmet restaurant

that takes you on a journey all around Asia

JULIEN BURBAUD, The former Top Chef candidate now introducing a Franco-Asian gastronomic cuisine

The adventure of restaurant Fanfan reads like an adventure novel, it embodies the perfect love affair between the  knowhow of french cuisine and the asian culture.  As a finalist of the popular TV series Top Chef in 2012 season, Julien Burbaud has honed his remarkable skills with famous grand chefs such as Joel Robuchon and Allain Passard. 

His culinary style is elegant and adventurous which mix the flavour, amplify the aromas.  he is not afraid of try different combination of french fine dining with asian inspiration.  He invites all of you to taste his selection of the best dishes reflecting the french cuisine with asian influence, a real alchemy of fresh products and creativity, in perfect harmony with subtil art of mixology.


FanFan, a fine dining experience showcasing the asian influence over a perfectly executed french cuisine.

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FANFAN | French Gastronomy Restaurant Paris 17th

18 Rue Bayen, 75017  Paris

Open from Tuesday to Saturday

+33 1 53 81 79 77

LES DÉBRIDÉS | Revolutionary Street Food

40 Rue Pierre Demours, 75017 Paris

Open 7/7

+33 1 45 77 05 63

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